Sky or earth, we have the power to give every struggle story an happy ending

Management Funda By N. Raghuraman

This Wednesday evening most of us might have heard and witnessed a sparking high drama on the Indian skies, when a baby boy was born aboard a Delhi-Bengaluru IndiGo flight. Assisted by a lady doctor in the aircraft, the IndiGo crew ensured that the extremely rare in-flight delivery ended on a happy story.

The drama unfolded about an hour after the flight, 6E 122, took off from Delhi. When the woman passenger developed labour pain, the flight attendants acted fast to set up a mini-hospital of sorts within minutes. I happened to read the personal account of the flight captain Who spoke highly about the presence of Dr Nagraj, a plastic surgeon from Riyadh and Dr Shailaja, a gynaecologist and an obstetrics surgeon who helped the mother to deliver safely. All stories started when the flight was cruising over Jaipur. She developed pain and by the time the flight reached over north of Bhopal the situation was slowly getting out of the doctors’ hand. In fact the captain informed all air traffic control about this emergency situation on air but he was waiting for the final update from the doctors to decide his next course of action like landing at the nearest airport like Indore, Hyderabad, and Nagpur or fly directly to Bangalore. There was not a single soul on board who didn’t pray for this unknown baby at that moment. All air traffic controllers, particularly Nagpur gave the captain uninterrupted high speed run which landed in Bangalore with an extra passenger who was a ticketless passenger! There were banners, chocolates and gifts to him and the brave mother who got a rousing reception.

But I am sure most of you might not have heard about another boy whose birth just 24 hours before also brought goose bumps and prayers on the lips of everyone around. Here is his story.

The 26-year-old Rajani Sarkar from Rajbandh village West Burdwan in Bengal who was in an advanced state of pregnancy, started getting labour pains early Tuesday. The village with just 130 families seldom had any facility. Her husband Dilip, an iron shutter door mechanic, called an ambulance to take Rajani to the Durgapur sub divisional hospital which is just 15 kms from Rajani’s village and a well developed place. But the ambulance driver approaching the village from NH2 realised that his vehicle could get stuck in the soft mud road ahead and stopped the vehicle on the highway itself.

Since the ambulance didn’t arrive at the time, Rajani gave birth at home with the help of some village women but bled profusely. As her bleeding did not stop, an alarmed Dilip called up the driver, this time for a stretcher. Some village youths came to rescue and four of them took Rajani and her newborn on a squishy mud road until they reached the ambulance, parked 1.5 kms away on NH2. A video clip of men carrying the woman and her newborn on the stretcher surfaced on the Internet, sparking resentment among the villagers, thus prompting the local rural body to announce speedy repair of the road on Wednesday.

Like mother and son arrived safe in Bangalore airport, this mother and son also started doing well after doctor’s care on the same day. What gave these two extreme stories a happy ending is the human being’s effort.

Funda is that collectively, we all humans have power to give a happy end to every struggle story, may it be on sky or a difficult road on the earth!

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