The Good Thing About Human Being is Being Human

Management Funda By N. Raghuraman

They are youth, and none of them is more than 28 years old, they all are educated and in good jobs with a decent pay check, but even after this they still feel that if something wrong is happening in the society then it is their job to put it right or they just want to keep on doing things which relaxes them and brings in the feeling that they have done something better today. In the whole week they only dedicate a day or two for the society.

First Inspiring and Motivating Story:

We all are aware that every four minutes one person dies in an road accident, but none of us are aware of the fact that how many animals die in road accidents. Not a single NGO or a person has such an record. In an road accident pet and wild animals both die, leave alone the records, we do not even care to remove these dead animals from the middle of the road on to the side, but some how zig-zag our way to continue with our journey.
But Nitin Jaani and his friends who works for Teemex Solutions in Pune, do care about these dead animals. Most of the time they set out on Pune – Lonavala or Pune – Satara Highway and where ever they find a dead animal, they remove them from the road, dug out a grave and later bury them. Doing all this doesn’t take more than five minutes. 
Just last Friday Nitin and his friends set out on highway for 12 hours and found 28 dead animals who met with an road accident, all these animals were removed from the road and were buried. 

Second Inspiring and Motivating Story:

Just how we ignore dead animals on road in the same way how many of us ignore the advertisements hanging on the trees? we are aware that these advertisements serves the purpose of providing information but on the other hand it also destroys the trees. 
But Marketing Director of Reapsocial, which is based out of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu is not one among us, he cares for the trees. He and his company motivates and inspires people to send them the pictures of injured or a wounded tree because of the advertisements nailed on it, which is posted on their companies website. Along with the pictures people have to send the information about the locality.
Armed with information from people Arvind and his 15 member strong team reaches the spot, removes the hoarding and nails from the tree, rectifies the tree. They also inspire and motivate people to actively participate in such activity. Later they employ those techniques by which new life can be given to the tree.  
Arvind and his team uses scientific methods, they also carry along with them scientific reports, facts and research papers to make people understand the ill effects of nailing the nail on the tree. Arvind goes on to claim that when ever a tree is nailed, especially the old ones, there is every possibility that termites can enter into it and later make the tree hollow from inside.
The iron in the nail also affects the growth of the tree, He goes on to say that advertisers opt for these type of advertisement banners, because it is comparatively lot cheaper than other modes of advertising. But very few of them actually knows that they are taking away the life of a tree. According to Arvind, when everyone is worried about greenery coming to an end, then they should also be equally concerned about the ways the tree is being killed.    

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