To change for better, reprogram the inner programming of pain and pleasure

pain and pleasure are two sides of same coin (called life)

As we begin to look at our own behaviour with great maturity, we realize that, a lot of aspects in us and about us has to undergo drastic changes. It’s not that we don’t desire to change, but there is a struggle to bring about these changes in us. This line of wisdom I got it from Rukmani Ramachandran on Thursday morning. She is one of the several central government employees, whom I know in my long 42-years of working life, who consider their work as “seva.” And incidentally her department is also called ‘SAI’—Supreme Audit Institution that audit government departments. It is people like her who brings the pride of “good governance” to any government. Hence I read whatever she sends with a bit of seriousness since it provokes me to think.

As I was reading it, my car passed through Pitampur, an industrial belt near Indore at 6.05 am on Thursday. Windows were open and I was enjoying the morning breeze. Suddenly too many human conversation disturbed me and when I raised my eyes, I saw hundreds of youngsters and middle aged doing their morning exercises; some were jogging on the extreme left of the highway itself. Most of the youngsters were really too serious about their morning exercises and their T shirts were already wet from their back.

‘namaste’ mudra

My driver was in a hurry because he wanted to cover as much he can before morning traffic starts. The next place was Manpur, I saw few men patiently waiting on the road divider in ‘namaste’ mudra looking up the sky for the sun to emerge. The eastern side of this town is covered with hills. If there are clouds above those hills then sun takes a bit longer to show his face then the scheduled time. Hence some elders here takes a bit of pain and wait on the road divider to offer their respect to the first rays of the Sun God, before they start their morning walk.

Then every village and small town I crossed, I saw people less and less active and slow in their actions. Roadside dhabas were either open or were opening. But each village were behind the earlier ones in sweeping and sprinkling water on the front of the dhaba and get ready to accommodate road travellers.

The tummies were slightly bigger at Malegaon compared to Pitampur

As I entered Malegaon at 9 am I saw some people sitting on the rope cots looking at the passerby as if they are tourists and we on the road are exhibits! Some of them were discussing something about passing vehicles.

One strange thing I observed from pitampur in MP to Malegaon in Maharashtra. The tummies were slightly bigger at Malegaon compared to Pitampur. It’s not that they were sick but the people from inactive villages were slightly plump than the others who took pain to sweat at sunrise. Then I saw the graph of plumpness kept changing depending upon how active that town/city during sunrise.

When I shared my observation with a local during a break, he said everybody want to change but most are not able to and that slowly breeds incompetence. The frustration continues since we are able to change only at the intention level and are not able to implement it in action.

when, sleeping and lethargy is pleasure and jogging is pain, a mere desire will not bring about a change in us because pain and pleasure are two sides of the same coin (read life).

Funda is that to change for better, reprogram the inner programming of pain and pleasure

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